Martin Suker – Martin Suker Photography

I started my career not as a photographer but as a chef, working my way through high level kitchens up to Michelin star level. However I became frustrated that although I loved to cook I needed to be able to be more creative. So I started by taking images of the food i produced, although not anywhere near the quality I produce now, they inspired me to get out of the kitchen a start doing something I really loved, Photography! 

I started by working with some highly skilled professional photographers on Event and Food shoots, gaining as much experience from them as I possibly could.

 Then in 2014 I decided to Launch this company, focused on offering a wide range of commercial photography for all business’ needs. Since then Ive been lucky enough to work with a variety of clients ranging from big corporations to the One man bands, with experience working with Big venues such as the O2 and Wembley SSE arena to the smallest of office spaces. 

I now spend the majority of my time shooting for corporate clients on a regular basis to aid them in marketing their company and brand. However I’d still love to accommodate more clients in Food, Advertising, Headshots and Events

So If you need my services. Please give me a call and let me know what info you need:


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